Responses to the 2003 Event:
Nisei Veteran Kennie Namba, a guest speaker, greets attendees afterward.

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful event. It was an honor to be in the same room with such distinguished guests and heros. Attending also gave me the opportunity to share with my young teenage daughter how precious our freedom is, how vulnerable our freedom has been and still is, and why it is so important to remember and honor those who have given so much to give us freedom. My son is a U.S. Marine stationed at 29 Palms and recently returned from 9 months in Iraq. I am just now experiencing the true meaning of freedom and the cost of it. Once again, thank you for such a heartfelt presentation."

"I can say in all [the time I served] and now as a life member of the VFW and American Legion, I have never, ever been so moved by the ceremony as was put on by your group. It brought tears to my eyes and let loose many deep emotions. No one has ever said "thank you" to me through all those years. Most people don't want to even talk about it; so it is just taken for granted. I will never forget the event that day. It truly was the finest put together presentation I have ever seen. Thank you! Thank you! - Semper Fi -"

"What a wonderfully uplifting, inspiring convicting, memorable program you produced. It was over and beyond anything I could have imagined it being. You did an absolutely magnificent job! We were greatly blessed and felt privileged to be a part of the celebration. You have our love and great admiration. "

Honored Guest Gus Smoorenburg of the Dutch Resistance during WWII, poses with two daughters of Sojourn band members.

"Thanks to all the musicians and all who made this ceremony so meaningful."

"Thank you so much for all you did to honor the Vets. Kids nowadays don't seem to understand what freedom is all about and how very much we owe to those who gave so much of themselves for our freedom. Our kids' grandfathers (on both sides) are WWII Vets. We were able to talk to the kids about how very important it is to honor the Veterans who did so much for us and to remind them of what heroes their grandpa's are. Everyone in Sojourn was fabulous and I know that many people did so much to make it possible. Thanks to all!"

"I just wanted to tell you how much my family and me enjoyed the event, and what a great job you did! It was awesome! It was very moving and made everyone proud to be an American!"

"From the minute we arrived, and were helped out of our car, to the escort inside, and seeing all the uniforms and pictures framed and beautifully presented, and loads and loads of volunteer helpers, we knew we'd be in for a treat. The orchestra was quite something. We loved the video presentation, and the Amazing Grace accompanied by all the statistics of war was very moving. The music for each branch of the services was a feast for our ears and eyes, and a very emotional time I am sure for all. The children couldn't believe the amount of graves shown during the very haunting song. Right now I just want to thank you all for making all those veterans know that there are many, many people thankful for their sacrifice and duty! What you did was from your heart, and that is what matters."

Bill Guarnere, Irene Malarkey, Don Malarkey, and Buck Compton.

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"Thanks for allowing me to participate in the choir. As I've said in my own emails to friends and family, it was one of the most rewarding singing-related events for which I've ever been a part."

"Well done. Well done! The orchestra was really great! The choir was impressive! Your band sounded so polished! You sing with such passion! Most of all, my attention was drawn to the veterans. They were honored and thanked. It was great to be reminded of how precious our freedom is. Thank you for being so faithful in following God's call. "

"This whole undertaking [has] shown not only myself, but this community, what can be done without huge committees or massive budgets. Thank you for thinking of our veterans and having the commitment to not only show them how you feel, but in a manner they deserve. That goes to the whole Sojourn team."

"I think the event was FANTASTIC! and it wouldn't have bothered me if it had lasted a few more hours. You are to be complimented for the wonderful job you did to put on such a great and needed event. Thanking the Veterans is greatly needed and past due."

"I was really touched by the fine presentation you guys made of the whole event! Several times I was moved to tears. When you have the video ready, I want to buy one, because my little granddaughter will be completely innocent of most of the content of the program you presented. I think it will be valuable for her to learn of the struggle required for our country to remain free as it is."



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