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Community Connection

Valuable synergy can occur by having a multiple range of services for Veterans, and public education, at one central, easily accessed location. This dynamic center of activity involves Veterans engaging and teaching others, becoming a vibrant part of their community.

We envision bringing the community to the Veterans on-campus—classrooms, community groups and individuals—to learn history from those who have made it. Living History Day Every Day, giving Veterans a continued mission to carry on the preservation of our freedom by educating others.

An important aspect of the Center is community outreach and education. Having a Center geared for this purpose offers flexibility in scheduling daily activities in addition to large yearly events.

Public areas

Daily tours through the museum and arboretum in conjunction with more personal interaction with Veterans afforded by smaller groups will translate into a richer experience for attendees and Veterans alike.

The Oregon Veterans Museum would be an active member of the community, hosting school tours, veterans group meetings, commemorative events, and special programs.

The auditorium—built, maintained, and used on Sundays by the church—would be available for large public gatherings and events as well as conferences and meetings for community and business organizations.

We believe an ideal location for the Veterans Center is Wilsonville, as it is close to the Portland metro area and offers easy access, less congestion, public transportation, and is conveniently located for Veterans coming from a broad range of Oregon cities. Several thousand Veterans and their families from further distances can easily utilize a Center located in Wilsonville.

Additionally, Wilsonville is a "Veteran-friendly" city, hosting a Korean War memorial and the state American Legion headquarters.  The annual Veterans Convoy down I-205 concludes at Wilsonville at the Korean War Memorial.