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About the Foundation

The vision for an Oregon Veterans Center in the South Metro area of Portland is spearheaded by the Oregon Veterans Foundation.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Oregon Veterans Foundation endeavors to support the needs of Veterans beyond the capabilities of federal and/or state programs, and to assist in educating future generations regarding the cost and value of our liberty.

The Foundation provides and facilitates recreation, support, counseling, and other services to military veterans and to the public through various activities:

  1. Organize community education and veteran appreciation programs.
  2. Create environments for Veterans to meet together for mutual support, counseling, and fellowship.
  3. Communicate needs of Veterans and their families to churches and community groups.
  4. Work with public and private groups to facilitate work and/or job opportunities for Veterans.
  5. Coordinate community and church resources and volunteers in meeting needs of Veterans and their families.
  6. Organize activities and fund-raising events for supporting various Veterans facilities and Veterans benefit programs around the state.

The Foundation is committed to facilitating the creation of an Oregon Veterans Center. We believe it offers an effective, collaborative solution to the needs of a great number of Veterans in the state.