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A credible group of individuals from the public and private sectors have come together to create a common vision: an Oregon Veterans Center on the I-5 corridor south of Portland which can house an array of services for Veterans and become a focal site for gatherings of Veterans from around the state.

Our vision is to offer a central location for several groups to combine resources, optimizing public and private dollars to care for Veterans.

The Oregon Veterans Center is a permanent, dynamic facility for the combined purposes of veterans’ care, public education, appreciation of our heritage, and the preservation of freedom. Our mission is not only to provide care, but to encourage, inspire, and motivate. This is a  different model—a living, breathing, vibrant part of the community.

Through the Oregon Veterans Center, many groups and individuals can work together to care for our veterans and honor those who have sacrificed to preserve our freedom.


More than 350,000 living Oregonians have set aside their personal aspirations and safety to protect the freedoms established by the Founders of our nation. These Veterans have earned our support through effectively delivered benefits.

But today in Oregon, Veterans must go to multiple locations in order to receive the benefits and services they have earned. As a result, some travel long distances to obtain health care, education, loan or other benefits—and many disregard these benefits altogether. The care they receive is excellent, however the method by which it must be obtained is often not as effective as it could be.

State and Federal entities seek to house additional satellite offices and clinics in various locations throughout Oregon.  Optimum use of government-provided funds for development and management of services in the metro area, however, would best serve Veterans when provided at one location, accessible to a large number of Veterans, away from the congestion and traffic of downtown Portland.

At the same time, we see the need for increased education regarding our country’s heritage of sacrificing for freedom. There is a growing apathy toward our liberty. In order for future generations to understand the value of our freedom, these Veterans need to talk about the cost to procure and protect it.

We are indebted to our Veterans. It is our duty to assist in effectively caring for their needs, and our honor to help preserve the liberty they have earned for us.